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The easiest way to get in touch is by email ( All emails are answered within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. If you are emailing us regarding an existing order, please include your order ID.

NOTE: Please do not send returns to the address below. This is not a return address. Returns sent to this address will not be processed. Furthermore, please do not send checks or money orders; we do not accept these payment types at this time. 

UPDATE 4/27/2020: It has come to our attention that a similarly named company is selling products and charging their customers without consent. Our company, Pure Results Nutrition, does NOT have any kind of automatic billing. If you think you've been randomly charged without placing an order, then this is NOT our company. When you place an order with our company, the charge will appear EXACTLY under the following (minus the quotes) "SP * PURE RESULTS NUTR". If this EXACT name does not appear on your statement, then the charge did not come from us. If you've been charged by another company without your consent, then we highly recommend filing a chargeback with your credit card company. If you have any questions, please contact us via email.

Pure Results Nutrition
1150 S Colony Way, Palmer, AK 99645